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Market Analytics & Site Selection Tools

Self Serve Market Research

Save time and mitigate risk through quantitative due diligence.

Locate markets based on aggregated demand or a higher affinity for a given category– at the region, MSA or city level. Explore traditional and novel data points to get a comprehensive view of a specific locale.

Web Optimization

Translate your known customers into ideal expansion opportunities.

Use geography as a competitive advantage for your website with automatic recommendations to help your visibility.

Competitive Intel

See what is and isn't working for competitors.

Identify where competitors are aligning their resources-- easily imitate or address potential competitive threats.

B&M Site Selection Analysis

Combine demographic, psychographic and geographic factors to maximize new location performance.

Site selection isn’t limited to GIS analysts anymore– we make it easy to find locations near your preferred customers, business category clusters and located on high AADT throughfares.

Simplified Site Selection

An easy to use browser based interface allows anyone to quickly scope out a market and identify retail, restaurant and hospitality hot spots while simultaneously monitoring traffic. Seamlessly transition from a real time interactive map to researching locale demographics.

21st Century Market Research

Authoritative data for high intent consumers-- broken out by metro and city. Easily find locations with high demand for your category, with or without existing competitors.

Easily Compare Geographies

Simplicity and interactivity are the name of the game. Easily scale from State down to Zip code granularity-- then drill down even further to see market potentials. All from your browser and without technical expertise.

1 Click Population Counts

Identify the population within a specific radius-- within 15 seconds. No geometry or statistics required-- just point and click!

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Per month w/ 1yr Agreement

Frequently asked questions

Corgilytics Market Analytics allows you to identify geographies matching a specific profile. Locate which metros have unfulfilled demand with a significant population similar to your preferred customers. No expensive analysts or consultants, just direct access to the data you need.

Corgilytics combines the power of geospatial data with 21st century marketing analytics to help you empirically identify performant markets based on objective, authoritative data– in many cases you can use your existing data to validate predictions.

Corgilytics Market Analytics helps you identify which markets are most attractive in absolute in Total Addressable Market, per capita and demographic similarity. De-risk B&M expansion through unprecedented digital+demographic due diligence.

Case STudies & white Papers

A 125 location retailer was looking to expand westward and needed more sophistication in selecting optimal metros for stores. Corgilytics offered the ability for non-technical users to identify favorable geographies based on market demand data, demographics and traffic counts.
A subscription based B&M facility was looking to identify metros with an above average affinity for their services. Corgilytics helped identify MSAs with moderate household incomes, high disposable incomes and desirable demographic characteristics for the facility.

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