Quick Service Restaurant Analytics

Use Existing Location Data to Find Winners

If you have existing locations, you can easily upload KPIs and find similar locations in seconds. Use demographic, psychographic and proximity based factors to help determine ideal expansion opportunities.

Easily Compare Geographies

Simplicity and interactivity are the name of the game. Easily scale from State down to Zip code granularity-- then drill down even further to see market potentials. All from your browser and without technical expertise.

Instantly Understand Markets

An easy to use browser based interface allows anyone to quickly scope out a market and identify retail, restaurant and hospitality hot spots while simultaneously monitoring traffic. Seamlessly transition from a real time interactive map to researching locale demographics.

Find Areas With Objectively Measured Demand

Our blending of 21st century marketing technologies and traditional GIS allows users to easily see ACTUAL market demand for selected categories.

Simple Market Research

Get a high level overview of a market. From general demographic information to market forecasts-- all data is available without needing to learn specialized software or confusing acronyms.

1 Click Population Counts

Identify the population within a specific radius-- within 15 seconds. No geometry or statistics required-- just point and click!

Learn How Corgilytics Can Grow Your QSR Operations

Schedule a free platform demo specifically tailored towards QSRs.