Brand Analytics

Brand Analytics

Brand Visibility & Trends

See which channels and campaigns are actually moving the needle.

See beyond 20th century panels and sampled data. Measure your brand’s visibility across popular channels in near real time.

Brand Trends

Identify which direction your brand is trending across multiple channels to help efficiently reallocate resources as needed.

Is your brand winning on search and losing on social? Simple quantitative metrics such as likes or followers don’t tell the whole story.

Competitive Insights

Learn what is driving brand impressions for your competitors in real time– implement strategies to capture share.

Did Competitor A launch a new product that has driven 200% increase in branded queries? Did Individual 1’s brand evangelism get 1k RTs? Understand what works through observation.

The Comprehensive Picture

Insights in near real time enable you to iterate marketing campaigns faster– reallocating resources towards winners and cull the non-performers.

Every channel views itself as most important. Understanding how individual channels impact measurable sales is the marketing holy grail. We offer a clearer view into how your brand is trending digitally using novel techniques.

Brand Performance Across Markets

Want to estimate your (or your competitors') top performing markets? We can provide authoritative market demands for brands at a per city or per metro level. Identify market share, marketing efficacy and more without the need for obfuscated, often imaginary and sampled data.

Track Brand Performance By Segment

Easily measure your brand's performance in pre-defined segments. Identify segments with the largest growth opportunities.

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Per month w/ 1yr Agreement


Per month w/ 1yr Agreement


Per month w/ 1yr Agreement

Frequently asked questions

Brand analytics allow you to empirically measure your omni-channel brand marketing efforts. Instead of relying on sampled Nielsen or Rentrak data, we aim to provide close-to-consensus data reported consistently over time.

Panels and Surveys may work, but they don’t scale. Corgilytics sources data from multiple authoritative sources to give you a consistent view of your brand visibility.

Corgilytics allows the monitoring of both owned brands as well as competitors. Trends and magnitudes allow anyone from the C-suite to analysts to identify what is– and isn’t– working in regards to marketing and PR efforts.

In short– Corgilytics helps you measure (in a very short timespan) what efforts are improving brand visibility and recall. Reallocating spend from ineffective channels and campaigns allows for better use of resources.

Case Studies & White Papers

A CPG company was interested in programmatically measuring marketing efficacy across channels to identify opportunities to reduce spend in ineffective channels. Corgilytics automated regression analysis showed significant spend that was not attributable to revenue.
A mature company was interested in monitoring their new startup competitors digital visibility and brand recall. Corgilytics allows the incumbent market leader to quickly identify strategies that are working for competitors.

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