Customer Analytics

Self-Service Customer Analytics

Identify Your Top Customer Cohorts

Understand your customers to effectively execute your marketing communications.

Get actionable optimization recommendations based on your existing customer base.

Find Lookalike Audiences

Use demographic and psychographic profiling to identify blue-ocean customers who are similar to your existing purchasers.

Advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence can determine meaningful relationships between traits and performance.

Identify Locales With Your Ideal Customers

Upload your existing top performing stores and we'll use machine learning to identify the most influential traits that drive success. Whether demographic, psychographic or proximity based.

Over 30 Predefined Customer Segments

Easily identify metros, cities and zip codes matching popular predefined categories.

Identify Custom cohorts

Need more customization? Our Doppelganger tool allows custom queries to determine estimate cohort populations using machine learning techniques.

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Per month w/ 1yr Agreement


Per month w/ 1yr Agreement


Per month w/ 1yr Agreement

Frequently asked questions

Customer Analytics is simply defined as identifying commonalities in your most desirable customers. The 4 P’s of Marketing are useless if you don’t know who your most desirable audience is. Corgilytics helps you identify high performing (based on multiple factors such as ROI, addressable audience size, brand evangelism) cohorts that you can align your marketing efforts towards.

Corgilytics bridges the gap between quantitative reporting and qualitative features. Our goal is not to just tell you that you had 32 orders, rather give you insights into who each individual was behind an order. Understand your customers, understand what channels work, understand the value of Corgilytics.

Corgilytics can provide extensive insights based on limited data inputs. Our statistical techniques allow us to provide insights on both existing customer profiles as well as identifying potential similar performing profiles and geographies.

Case Studies & White Papers

A company seeking to expand their target audience for an existing product was looking to better understand tertiary uses for their product. Corgilytics provided seemingly counter-intuitive audiences that ended up being highly receptive to said product.

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