Market Research, Site Selection & Brand Analytics Tools

  • Identify Market Potentials
  • Find Ideal Markets
  • Site Selection Tools
  • Multi-Channel Brand Visibility & Trends
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Comprehensive Brand Picture
  • Cohort Segmentation
  • Audience Sizing
  • Reverse Engineer Success Factors

Identify what works.

50% of marketing spend is wasted— the hard part is knowing which half. Corgilytics is the first self-service, easy to use platform that helps you narrow down what is driving meaningful, measurable results– even if you have limited data availability.

Simple comparisons & automated pattern recognition

Why does out of home work best in Nashville– or does it? Has Ogden been under-performing due to a new competitor, or a shift in marketing mix? Corgilytics can help discover the unknown.

actionable, data driven insights

Our intuitive, plug-and-play platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to identify lucrative cohorts– all based on your observed data. Focus your efforts on the strategies most likely to make an impact on your business.

Market analytics

Get ahead of the competition with early trend identification. Does Houston have fewer mattress stores per capita and a higher disposable income relative to similar metros? Corgilytics can help you determine, in real time using advanced proprietary forecasting algorithms that integrate multiple disparate data sources.

Brand analytics

Is your brand growing or (shrinking), and by what measures? Corgilytics samples multiple platforms to give a comprehensive view of which direction your brand is going and the contributing media mixes, demographics and psychographic factors.

Customer analytics

Who are your most loyal customers? Are you capturing a larger share of wallet among Hispanics but a larger average ticket with Asians? We help you identify opportunities to optimize marketing strategies to align with business objectives.

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